Amaryllis Won't Flower

"I bought two a couple of years back and had some great blooms. but couldn't get them to rest and had nothing but leaves last year. This year I cut off the leaves, but on one they've grown back. I also separated off a new small bulb which is now growing separately. Will I get them to bloom again and how long will it take for the "baby" to mature?"
-Sue S.

You don't have to force your Amaryllis to bloom if you don't want to. Forcing is just an artificial means of reproducing the conditions it goes through in nature. You can opt out of putting your Amaryllis into dormancy and grow it as an "evergreen" plant and eventually it will adjust itself to the changes in season where you live and flower again when it is ready.

The trick with getting Amaryllids to flower again after you've bought them is to start feeding it after it has bloomed for you the first time. When the bulb produces the flower the first time it uses a lot of energy and needs to be recharged-you do this by fertilizing your Amaryllis and by providing plenty of sun and plenty of room for the roots to grow. Amaryllids are heavy feeders and can be fertilized with every watering (after blooming) at a diluted strength.

The Amaryllis "babies" should mature and bloom after three years of growth provided you give it plenty of sun, fertilizer and ample room for the formation of roots. Next year if you find they won't rest on their own just move the plant to a dark space, like a closet, where it doesn't get any sun and stop watering completely.

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