Amaryllis 'Lagoon'

I’m not a big fan of pink flowers, but the blooms of Amaryllis ‘Lagoon’ may make me a pink flower-lover. At least where the Hippeastrum genus is concerned. Amaryllis ‘Lagoon’ measures 18” tall from the top of the pot to the top of the flower. The blooms are a deep pink color that kind of shimmer in the light.

Amaryllis 'Lagoon' Hippeastrum

It’s a pretty impressive flower. The blooms on 'Lagoon' are about 7.5" to 8" across and the texture to the individual flower petals on this amaryllis reminds me of pink crepe paper.

Amaryllis 'Lagoon'

Here's a closer look at a flower from Amaryllis 'Lagoon.' An internet search informs me that this amaryllis was registered in 2011 and there aren't too many pictures of 'Lagoon' online as of this posting to compare mine too.

Some of the pictures I've found online make the bloom look like a light pink color, or more of a deep red, when it is really just a dark pink. Longfield Gardens sent me this amaryllis bulb for free to plant and review. You can see the picture of 'Lagoon' that they’re using in their online bulb catalog. I think this Amaryllis bulb is actually nicer-looking in person than their stock flower photo would lead you to believe. It's one of those rare times when the flower looks better than the picture would lead you to believe. I would definitely recommend getting this amaryllis if you like larger blooms and especially if you like pink flowers.

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  1. I grew a Lagoon this year and was stunned by it. Most impressive, largest, gorgeous to date. Three stalks with enormous blooms as big as my head. Top-heavy, though. Had to lean it on the window. ;-)