Amaryllis 'Vera'

This Amaryllis 'Vera,' Hippeastrum, produced pink blushed blooms that aren't as dark as Amaryllis 'Lagoon' but they aren't too soft either. I may not be a lover of pink blooms, but I seem to be overflowing with them this year.

'Vera' isn't so dark that the flowers look garish, and the pink hue isn't so soft that it looks overly feminine. The white streaks in the petals soften the pink hues so make it just the right shade of pink. My ‘Vera’ Amaryllis bulb produced two, sturdy scapes (stems) that reached about 14 inches tall.

Both of the scapes opened and flowered at the same time. One scape produced three pink and white flowers, while the second scape produced four pink and white flowers. Both have a green “eye” in the center of the blooms.

The individual flowers of 'Vera' are about four inches wide, and they don’t unfurl completely. These blooms are cup-shaped that is a lot more noticeable in profile than when looking at them head-on. This cup shape on the blooms give them a bit of personality when you’re studying each of the flowers.

I’d never grown this particular Amaryllis before this year. I’d say the stocky stems, larger size bulb and smaller blooms put this Amaryllis in the "dwarf" category. I was given this 'Vera' bulb by Longfield Gardens to grow and review here on this Amaryllis blog. You can compare their picture of Amaryllis 'Vera' (which looks more peach) at their online bulb catalog.

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